A fire can destroy your family home or business in just a matter of minutes. Our attorneys have worked tirelessly to help victims in the aftermath of a fire and have successfully helped them recover the funds necessary to rebuild their homes and replace their valuables after such a devastating loss.


Fire losses are frightening occurrences, and many a times can result in a total loss to your family home or business. The sad truth is that many policyholders discover that their insurance company will not take care of them in their time of greatest need, such as following a partial or total fire loss. For example, your company may delay your claim by arguing with you about coverage, the validity of the claim, and oftentimes the amount of damages that should be included in the claim and the value of the claim. These delays can cause the damages to increase.

Depending on the circumstances, your insurance company may deny your fire claim. There are other situations where the insurance company may try to pay a low-ball settlement offer on the claim, hoping that insureds who are in a desperate situation will just take the money and go away, even if it is not enough to make them whole under their policy.  In any case where you feel your claim is being handled unfairly because of a coverage denial or underpayment, you should speak with an experienced Florida insurance lawyer, such as the attorneys at Danahy & Dunnavant, P.A., as soon as possible.


Insurance companies have endless resources to fight fire insurance claims. Most individuals do not have those same resources. However, Danahy & Dunnavant, P.A. does; we have the skills, experience and resources necessary to take on big insurance companies. Our experienced legal team can fight to protect your best interest by getting you the benefits and insurance money you deserve. Our lawyers and our legal team fight to protect your best interests by getting you the benefits and insurance money you deserve.


To prepare your insurance claim, make sure you do the following:

  • Photograph and if able, videotape the damage,
  • Protect the property to prevent further damage,
  • Report the damages to your insurance agent and your insurance company as soon as possible,
  • Save receipts that reflect any work you did to protect the property and minimize further damage,
  • Prepare for the insurance company’s claims adjuster’s visit and inspection of your property.
  • Cooperate with police and/or fire investigators,
  • Cooperate with any cause and origin experts,
  • When possible, do not take or remove property from the home until it is evaluated,
  • Make sure that you have an extra copy, including electronic copies, of all documents involved in the claim, including receipts and photographs,
  • Document your claim and keep notes when you speak to your insurance agency.
  • If you cannot find a copy, or do not have a copy, find or request a copy of your insurance policy from your agent or your insurance company.

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