After a hailstorm, roofs can be severely damaged. Insurance companies often attempt to deny, dispute or delay valid claims for roof damage by claiming it is “normal wear and tear.” If your property sustained hail damage, and your claim is denied or underpaid, we will fight your insurance company for fair compensation on your loss.


A common misconception is that hail did not cause damage unless there are visible hail strikes or marks on your roof. In reality, hail can cause visible and non-visible damage to your insured property. A hailstorm can cause severe damage to both commercial and residential property. Buildings, homes, cars, crops and other property are all susceptible to hail damage.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in hailstorms. One of the most significant types of hail damage is resulting roof damage and related interior leaking. Most often, this damage is identified by strike marks on the roof. Common reasons a hail damage claim may be denied by your insurance company is they may argue that the damage is “normal wear and tear,” “construction defect” related, or they may even blame foot traffic. Common reasons that a hail damage claim may be underpaid by your insurance company include an insistence that only a few tiles or shingles were actually damaged by wind and that others were damaged due to some other defect, or that the damage only requires minor repairs and not a full replacement.

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